Pellet fireplaces 

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Pellet Fireplaces Stovers Barcelona

The fuel for pellet fireplaces and pellet stovers is biomass.

Biomass is a group of renewable energy products and raw materials that originate from biologically formed organic matter. Pellet Fireplaces Stovers Barcelona

Biomass is a renewable energy of solar origin that is generated through the photosynthesis of plants.

We offer a wide range of pellet appliances:

  • Stovers
  • Insertable cassettes
  • Boilers

Pellet fireplaces stovers Barcelona-climadifusion
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Basic pellet fireplaces and pellet stovers, with a single fan, can heat a single room or two adjacent rooms.

Through a network of ducts, pellet stovers can heat different rooms with a single appliance.

All pellet stovers, whether hot air or water (boilers), have a similar function.

The stovers have several heat sensors and the desired temperature can be set via the control panel or remote control.

It is very similar to the operation of an air conditioner.

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The stover heats through three ways:

  • Front ventilation
  • Combustion chamber window
  • Chassis

The only place on the stover that can burn is the window pane.

It is very important to always turn off the pellet stovers through its control panel or through its remote control and never turn off the current before it is stopped.

In Clima Difusión we are specialists in the installation and sale of this type of fireplaces and stovers, giving the best advice you can find in the city of Barcelona.

In addition with a great variety of brands, last novelties in design and technology.

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