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Wood Fireplaces Barcelona

At Clima Difusión we specialise in the manufacture of made-to-measure wood-burning fireplaces.
We offer a wide range of appliances that work with wood and coal: Wood Fireplaces Barcelona

Fireplaces and wood-burning stovers consist of two parts: the hearth and the chimney.

The hearth of a fireplace can be a simple hollow with refractory material, or it can be a metal box with ventilation, grate and ash pan (also called cassette or insert). The metal box can be open or closed with a door and glass. The cookers are made of metal, steel or cast iron

The chimney flue pipe is concealed either in a hood or in a recessed wall and can be used to distribute heat to other rooms in a discreet manner. The flue pipe for cookers is usually visible but can also be concealed. and, I don’t know, either, afterwards, although, more or less, at least, with, also, 

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wood fireplaces barcelona-climadifusion

Open wood-burning fireplace:

Although an open fireplace has the charm of an open fireplace, where we can see the logs burning without any visual impediment, the performance is very poor. This is due to the fact that the chimney draught is excessive. Too much cold air enters and the combustion gases are evacuated quickly. This does not give them time to exchange heat with the room.

In the best case, an efficiency of 20% is achieved.


Closed wood-burning stovers, fireplaces or cassettes:

With something as simple as controlling the amount of air entering the combustion chamber, a dramatic increase in efficiency is achieved, easily up to 60%. The longer the hot gases remain in the chamber, the higher the temperature, which contributes to better combustion and allows time for heat to be exchanged in the room. In more modern designs it is common to achieve an efficiency of 70% or more.

To improve efficiency, some cassettes and cookers are equipped with fans that help transfer heat faster, at a nominal cost of electricity (35W). They also serve to push warm air into other rooms. (Note that fans generate ambient noise).

Heating fireplaces:

The main characteristic that differentiates heating fireplaces from other fireplaces is that they incorporate a water tank with which we will heat the house and the domestic hot water. Its great advantage is that with the normal use that we have been giving to our fireplace we will heat the radiators of the whole house and we will have hot water without additional consumption or expense, thus saving between 60 and 65% in heating.

We can install heating fireplaces, combining them with other energy sources, such as traditional gas or diesel, solar energy, geothermal energy, pellets, etc., and with all known heat emitters (radiators, underfloor heating, convectors, etc.).

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